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Mended Quilt

Mended Quilt

Single-channel video projection installation (Video Excerpt)

Video: 110 composite video of hand-me-down quilt

Audio: cicadas recorded in the summer of 2020, white noise

Infinite Loopi


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Mended Quilt



Mended Quilt

(Installation View at USF Contemporary Art Museum)

The pixels of the video mimic the grid of the patterned quilt. Each square of light adds to the representation of the tapestry. But in the same way that the shadow shatters this notion of wholeness. The pixel carries digital artifacts, shifting our perception of the comforting projected object.  
There is clarity that comes from separation, where we can see the obvious repetitions: the colors and shapes. But we can also see the traces of how we are repetitively handled, manipulated, and cared for. How we associate or dissociate to the bindings where we are stitched together, where we easily tatter and fray, or to the parts of us that are durable, withstanding the wash of time.  

I am offering a looped examination of these layered textures, of the nuances interwoven within relationships of this digital tapestry.  A personal investigation of inherited privilege and trauma, in an attempt to attune myself with my shadow. 

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